6 Reasons why your business needs to be ISO Certified

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certification establishes credibility and trust within consumers, stakeholders and other business partners. In industries such as construction, engineering, manufacturing, mining, health and technology. ISO certification is especially critical for demonstrating that a business meets the global benchmark for the relevant standard, building long term credibility and brand reputation. 

While organisations seek ISO certification to become more effective and efficient, in reality, many organisations also need to become certified in order to bid for work, win tenders and expand their operations. 

No matter what the motivation, becoming certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001 can aid in growth, expansion, new clients, and increased revenue. Your company will also reap the benefits of increased efficiency, staff and customer satisfaction, communication, and processes. 

Is ISO certification required for your business? 

Becoming ISO certified helps elevate your business, and adhering to ISO standards has numerous advantages for businesses: 

  • Identifying and resolving recurring problems saves time and money
  • Increasing the efficiency of your systems and the processes
  • Boosting customer satisfaction 
  • To be more competitive in contract tendering 
  • Increasing the value of all resources 
  • Being one step ahead of your competitors 
  • Increasing your credibility in your customers’ eyes

The following benefits provide 6 reasons to get ISO certified, although the list of tangible and intangible benefits once you have achieved certification will undoubtedly be greater.

6 Reasons Why Business Needs To Be Iso Certified

6 reasons why your company should be certified

The following information explains why your company needs to be certified. 

1. Demonstrate your organisation’s effectiveness to shareholders 

Organisational effectiveness assesses how well companies achieve their objectives. An efficient company runs smoothly and efficiently. An ISO certification results in a higher level of quality for the entire company and each process and product. Implementing a process approach allows for oversight and control of documented processes, highlighting areas for improvement and ultimately resulting in better performance. 

2. Continually improve and evolve your organisation 

There are core clauses that provide a common structure across a number of ISO standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001, allowing organisations to integrate the implementation and management of multiple standards more easily. 

These focus on performance evaluation and improvement, so no matter what standard you are certifying to, you’ll be monitoring, measuring, analysing and evaluating your performance as a supplier, and then making adjustments to improve your system based on the outcome of this feedback. 

Generally, making improvements will lead to greater customer satisfaction. Whether these are improvements to your products or services, to the methods and resources used, or to the management

system itself, the positive impact will be felt by both internal and external stakeholders to your business.

3. Increased market opportunities will give your organisation a competitive advantage 

ISO certification gives you a competitive advantage as it helps elevate your business internationally and builds your brand reputation. Applying for tenders, being on preferred supplier lists, and being ISO qualified allows you to work with worldwide organisations or large scale businesses, which can assist with your business expansion and trade development. 

Having a certified management system can open doors to a range of contract opportunities and therefore potentially boost your revenue and market share. 

For many of our clients, getting ISO certified has been the catalyst for securing larger contracts, moving into new industry sectors and gaining new clients.

4. Increased performance and productivity that translates to cost reduction 

A great benefit of certifying your management systems to ISO standards is that it helps your business streamline existing processes to make them as efficient as they can be to produce consistently high-quality results. 

For example, ISO 9001 certification is issued for quality and standardisation of processes and procedures, and it is recognised worldwide. As a result, having ISO 9001 certification for your systems and services, raises your company’s responsibilities and value. It helps provide a structure for how the people within a business can support, follow, and contribute to the system. Involving people in this way fosters deeper engagement with operations. This can lead to reduced turnover

of staff, better productivity, enhanced trust and collaboration, and a skilled and happy workforce. 

Utilising resources as effectively and efficiently as possible has a direct positive impact on profitability. The productivity boost will heighten a company’s competitive advantage and increase market share, fostering innovation and operational expansion.

5. Manage your company’s operational, environmental, and financial risks 

An ISO management framework allows your company to strive toward becoming more streamlined with your processes, as your business scales and moves forward. 

“According to ISO 9001, planning for risk is a form of quality management and doing so contextually ensures that the company’s quality management system is able to achieve its intended results by preventing or reducing the risk and also mitigating any of the potential side effects of an undesired outcome.” 

Through becoming ISO certified, this enables you to have greater quality control across your company’s operational, environmental and financial processes, ultimately enabling you to mitigate and minimise potential risks to your business.

6. Protect your company’s brand and reputation 

Having a good corporate image and business reputation are essential ingredients of success. How your company is perceived by clients, partners, and other stakeholders is crucial if you want to create a good position in the market.

Getting certified with an internationally acclaimed certification for managing information security will make your business’s stakeholder confident that their information is safe. 

For example stakeholders are most likely aware of the prevailing security risks and often become reluctant when it comes to sharing any personal details or financial credentials with a business. Naturally, they seek to deal with companies that proclaim to protect any information shared with them. So, having the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification will help streamline your systems and mark your credibility in information management in the industry. This gives peace of mind to potential customers. 

If you need assistance on which ISO certification is best suited to your business needs, the Certifi International team can help guide you through the process. To discover how we can help, call 1300 971 044 for a confidential discussion.

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