ISO 45001 and Its Value to the Construction Industry

ISO 45001 is an ISO standard for management systems of occupational health and safety, published in March 2018. The goal of ISO 45001 is the reduction of occupational injuries and diseases, including promoting and protecting physical and mental health. 

This article will discuss what ISO 45001 certification is in more detail, the significance of ISO 45001 in the construction industry and how it can benefit your company. 

What is ISO 45001? 

The ISO 45001 provides a framework for identifying, controlling, and mitigating workplace risks. The standard aims to protect workers’ health and safety at work and provides key benefits for the construction industry, helping you position your business as industry leaders. 

The new standard is important for the building and construction industry, regardless of size. However, the standard is also applied across all industry sectors to help improve OH&S for all employees, ensuring companies have adequate health and safety protection for their customers, employees, and other stakeholders, as well as providing health and wellness for them. 

As the construction industry has one of the highest levels of risk associated with onsite construction and development, which in turn can create physical and mental issues for employees, efforts to improve safety are critical. Construction companies must keep abreast of a wide range of health and safety risks that workers are now exposed to, including issues related to mental health and emerging technologies, materials and methods.

ISO 45001 can assist companies in identifying and controlling risks, thereby enhancing safety for all parties involved. ISO certification is essential for construction companies because it will help improve health, safety, productivity, reliability, whilst minimising risk.

IIS 45001 Value For Construction Industry

Why Is ISO 45001 Important For the Construction Industry? 

ISO 45001 sets out all the requirements for creating a successful health and safety management system, placing firm emphasis on the elimination, reduction and mitigation of health and safety risks through proactive leadership and risk-based thinking. 

The ISO 45001 framework is therefore set up to allow companies to detect potential safety hazards before they result in an accident. By adopting this proactive approach, risk identification will be built into the fabric of your company, ultimately controlling and minimising risk. 

Forward thinking construction companies are embracing the new global standard for occupational health and safety, ISO 45001, which offers many benefits to a business, these are listed below. 

Key benefits for the Construction Industry 

Positions your business as industry leaders: Being ISO 45001 certified provides a robust framework for occupational health and safety, demonstrating your companys’ commitment to health and safety practices. This standard is an internationally recognised standard, helping elevate your construction business on a global scale, whilst ensuring you remain one step ahead of your competitors. 

Improving your company and employee safety: One of the most important advantages of ISO 45001 certification is that by implementing the standard, it can effectively lower workplace illnesses and injuries on construction sites. The standard takes a risk-based approach that helps prepare your company with the necessary requirements and best practices to prevent injuries and by creating a safer work environment.

Increases productivity: Productivity takes a hit every time an employee suffers from an injury and cannot return to work. Considerable time and resources are lost to hire and if required to train a replacement. If the risks however are mitigated, employees are more productive when they feel safe at work. ISO 45001 can assist construction companies in creating a safer working environment, which in turn will help in increased productivity. 

Improves customer satisfaction: Knowing that a construction company is ISO 45001 certified will reassure customers that they are working with a professional organisation committed to safety. This gives customers ‘peace of mind’ and ultimately leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction. 

Reduce risk, accidents and injuries: Construction companies can reduce risk by setting best practice health and safety measures in the business, by reducing the number of accidents and injuries. 

Improves reputation and boost stakeholder confidence: Construction companies with a good safety record are more likely to be viewed favourably by key stakeholders and the general public. Being ISO 45001 certified can help construction companies improve their reputation. 

Increases business opportunities: Because ISO 45001 certification demonstrates a commitment to safety, many clients will only work with construction companies that show a commitment to the health and safety of their employees. Potential customers are more likely to choose you over the competition when you’ve proven to them that you can create and maintain a safe work environment for your employees and therefore construction companies can expand their business by becoming certified. 

Greater transparency: ISO 45001 establishes a framework for construction firms to be more open about their safety practices. This can help to build trust among employees and clients.

Increases your ROI: There are various ways that ISO 45001 will provide ROI for your organisation. By implementing ISO 45001, the efficiency of your staff improves. This means your productivity levels can be improved significantly across the board. This improvement in productivity and general employee safety can have a positive impact. 

How Do I Obtain ISO 45001 Certification? 

ISO certifications are well known worldwide, and your company will be universally recognised with ISO 45001 certification. Implementing ISO 45001 certification standard, helps you gain confidence and assurance.

with future employees, customers, and stakeholders, given the high level of standard and commitment for adopting best practice health and safety measures within your company. The ISO standard ensures employee safety and aims to improve the company’s overall performance. 

Certifi International can assist your organisation in certification. Certifi International will provide all the necessary assistance throughout the certification process. For a no-obligation consultation, contact Certifi International on 1300 971 044.

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