Our Vision and Mission


Certification For Iso Qualifications
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What Drives Us

We at Certifi International recognise that we are in a competitive industry and our clients have a large choice when choosing a certification body / registrar.

In order for Certifii to stand out and succeed we will be equally committed to all clients, irrespective of size and location, we will strive to retain existing clients as well as recruit new clients.

We will continuously review our performance and rejuvenate our approach when required.

As well as valuing our clients, we value our environment and strive to deliver our service in a way that promotes confidence and complete client satisfaction in an efficient, expedient, friendly and professional manner.


Our Codes of Conduct



Our services will always remain confidential and impartial



Our team will always be helpful, objective, competent and consistent in their strive to meet the needs and expectations of our clients


Our services will always be delivered with transparency and sincerity


We will always endeavour to adopt the latest technological options to deliver our service


We have recognised our interested parties to ensure we meet with legal and compliance obligations

Health and safety

The Health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, auditors, visitors, clients, and the public remain paramount to our success



Our auditing services will add value, our head office will expedite all enquiries and process certificates without delay, giving clients the service, they expect and deserve



Management will ensure that our vision is communicated to all relevant personnel and organisations who work with us in order to ensure our ethos is clear and followed.

Client Charter

Certifi International is focused on providing efficient, friendly and professional certification services. To ensure our high level of service delivery Certifii are committed to upholding our Client Charter.

  • Ensure all inquiries are responded to within 1 business day.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders involved in the audit process are treated with respect, dignity and fairness in accordance with our Code of Conduct, Human Rights and Impartiality Policies.
  • Ensure that our auditors do not just focus on clause-based auditing but also have a risk-based approach that assess your operational and business processes at the coal face.
  • To continually communicate with clients, post audit and provide feedback on the latest updates with regards to standards and practices.
  • To ensure that all our staff listen to our clients and use this feedback to continually improve our service.
Certifii Company Policies

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