Quality Management

ISO 9001

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ISO (the International Organisation for Standards) developed ISO9001 standard for quality management systems designed to help organisations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and key stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to product and services.

An ISO9001 certified organisation is where a third-party certification body provides independent confirmation that the organisation meets the requirement of ISO9001. This enables continuous improvement of your organisation’s quality management systems demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to performance excellence.

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Benefits of Quality Certification

  • ISO9001 Certification Demonstrates To Customers, Regulators And Government That You Have Implemented A Quality Management System That Has Been Independently And Externally Assessed And Will Deliver Quality Products And Services
  • This Makes ISO9001 Certification A Powerful Marketing Tool
  • New Customers Will Know That You Have Robust Processes In Place, Thereby Meeting Your Customers’ Demands
  • An ISO9001 Certified Management System Is A Great Tool To Help You Continuously Improve Your Organisation, Increasing Efficiency And Reducing Waste, This In Turn Will Increase Productivity
  • Engages Your People And Demonstrates Commitment To Quality, Leadership, And A Process Approach To Delivering Products Or Services

Certification leads to excellence…